Make A Difference

Make A Difference

As a company our ethos is to make a difference, deliver for our clients, and leave a legacy. To use our skills and efforts to really change things. Ideally generating campaigns that inspire people, enable people to achieve things, improve things and be good corporate citizens.

I feel the capitalist culture of the big new digital corporations is one of the biggest issues governments should be tackling to allow the avoidance of corporation tax by a few big players, for those organisations to spend more on tax avoidance than to pay in actual tax, to treat ‘non-employees’ in such a manner whilst they profit reflects a very wrong moral compass. Do the employees of these companies in all their territories not use the infrastructure of the cities and towns they operate in? If they aren’t contributing fairly why should companies and individuals?

One of the trends we’ve noticed that has been written about extensively is how charitable/CSR partnership programmes are changing. We are always on the look out for good initiatives and love the Corporate Engagement Awards for just that reason as they celebrate campaigns that promote a social or environmental cause and align a charity or social enterprise with a corporate partner to deliver good work and good outcomes for all.

People talk about mutually beneficial campaigns and partnerships but what if society always wins too? Could Natwest help tackle homelessness, rather than featuring a homeless character in their TV advertising?

When I asked Natwest what the purpose of this element in their TV ad. was, they claimed it was demonstrating that ‘John’ was making a difference by donating 70p, whilst his bank gave him the money to get a black cab home, even though he didn’t have his bank card, but he did have a home to go to.

I wasn’t sure what difference they felt 70p would make?

They lend money to homeowners, surely it would be on brand to get involved with breaking the cycle of homelessness, helping fund an increase in affordable housing. Lloyd Cochrane, Head of Mortgages, has said; ‘Our aim is to double our market share of mortgage lending to homebuyers across Britain, helping as many customers as possible to buy their home as we play our role in the recovery and the future growth of the UK’. They have lent more than a £100 billion to UK homeowners.

Could some of the men’s football teams contribute more to grassroots and the women’s teams, (£1,250 Steph Houghton (England Captain) vs @ Yaya Toure £220,000 per week (not verified).

Could more sports sponsors invest in disadvantaged community sport.. Boxing, StreetGames, LTA, Chance to Shine programmes – they are all seeking corporate partners to enhance and improve their reach and impact where it is most needed.


There is a great deal of evidence that sport changes outcomes for young people but where are the sponsors for the amateur clubs and people who put so much time and energy into supporting some of our most disengaged youth?

On a more positive note there are some great campaigns we are aware of, some we know well and have been involved with, others we just admire.

VIY and Wickes

VIY combines volunteering and DIY by challenging young people aged 14-24 to learn trade and building skills, on the job, by committing to fix youth club and community centre buildings in need of repair or improvement.

Participants are mentored by professional tradespeople, who also volunteer their time, and can gain vocational skills accreditations as well as access to further training, work placement and apprenticeship progression opportunities beyond VIY.

VIY was launched in 2011 and, to date, over 160 youth club buildings across England and Wales have been refurbished, involving +3,000 young people and more than 600 trade skills mentors.

Marcus Butler’s journey to self-worth | Prince’s Trust & L’Oréal Paris


There is a great synergy between looking good and feeling confident and I love how L’Oreal have engaged through the Prince’s Trust with young people to give them support through their Confidence Training Programme, to be confident and feel valued. A good extension of their brand strapline too, #AllWorthIt.

Tilda Rice

Another lovely neat campaign delivering benefit to over 185,000 expectant or new mums so far in less fortunate areas through the World Food Programme.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Empowering people and reducing inequality across the World having donated $35bn of their wealth to the foundation. Although not a corporate partnership, this a really great example of philanthropy.

We envision a world where more people are able to lead healthier lives, attain decent livelihoods, and lift themselves out of poverty—resulting in long-term stability, healthier societies, innovative economies, accelerated prosperity, and genuine social change.

– Bill Gates

Stand Up To Cancer and Hyundai

Working with Cancer Research UK, Hyundai turned a zero-emission Hyundai IONIQ Electric into an innovative fundraising vehicle! The car featured contactless donation points that people could tap to donate with a digital total on the number plate. The car was toured and features in the Channel 4/Stand Up To Cancer campaign in October; so far they have raised £62,000.


We hope those companies with a good moral compass, that are genuinely involved with initiatives which improve their communities and the lives of others, are successful and we see more of these types of great campaigns.

Karen Morris
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