Talis bartop sponsors the IWCC Armagnac Award

Talis has been announced as official sponsor of the Armagnac award at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) Annual Awards in a deal brokered by sponsorship agency Reg & Co.

Owned by Cork Supply, Talis produces a high performing bartop for luxury wines and spirits brands.

Cork Supply has spent decades perfecting the art and science of bottle closures to an expert level appropriate for the quality and mastery of the wines in the bottles they contain. They have worked with artisan craftsmen and women on the harvest and production of natural corks for wine, plus, they have been at the forefront of design and development for synthetic alternatives to cork including the distribution of Nomacorc – now the leading synthetic closure for the wine industry.

Cork Supply’s bartop brand – Talis is focussed on dedicated service and creative solutions for luxury wine and spirit brands and produces a wide range of bartops in luxurious finishes combining high-quality materials with the prime pick of the best cork supply.

With wood, metal, plastic, glass, crystal, and custom finishes, the Talis bar tops provide that final finishing detail that helps take the wine or spirit company’s branding right to the final interaction with the customer.

In an industry where alcohol brands are fighting for space and share of voice, sponsorship agency Reg & Co. has managed to work with Cork Supply and Talis to identify a relevant sponsorship opportunity and help them to secure the sponsorship deal that will give them presence in front of the tip wine and spirit producers and distributors in the world.

For more information, contact Karen at Reg & Co.