School Partnership with Linda McCartney & Cook School

School partnerships can change lives – and the futures of the children across 14 schools supported by Linda McCartney and Cook School are looking healthier thanks to a clever school cooking programme.

Cook School is a social enterprise teaching kids the skills they need to eat healthily for life. Their ambition is to teach children to cook basic, healthy meals and give them the skills and the confidence to repeat cook at home for their family and friends. It’s all about getting children excited about food and eating well through lessons that are creative, inspiring, and above all, fun!

Linda McCartney has been a partner of Cook School since its inception. They support 14 school partnerships to have one cooking day a term where pupils get a lesson in creating basic healthy meals using Linda McCartney Food products. They hope to give children a food education that will help them to realise the importance of a balanced diet and inspire them as they grow to choose healthy, nourishing and meat-free options.

Cook School partnership with Linda McCartney

During National Vegetarian Week, Cook School will be teaming up with Linda McCartney and BOSH! to help Trinity Church of England School to go vegetarian all week. Having worked with Linda McCartney on creating a recipe BOSH! will host a cooking demonstration to the school which the Cook School partnership will then teach the children to make. Darren James, Head of School, Primary Phase, Trinity Church of England School said, “This week Trinity Primary School in London is going vegetarian. Linda McCartney Foods carried out research revealing that 70% of school children are looking for more vegan and veggie options at school and that one in 10 are already meat-free. We’re therefore delighted to be working with Linda McCartney Foods, BOSH! and Cook School, who we’ve worked with before, to go vegetarian all week.

BOSH! will be hosting a cooking demonstration of one of their vegan-friendly recipes to the school, and afterwards, Cook School will be teaching our children the skills they need to make a version of it themselves. We hope to inspire other schools to try more meat-free options.

With more and more people moving to meat-free lifestyles it’s natural to see some children beginning to adopt these choices for themselves too. We’re pleased to support this by serving meat-free meals all week and hosting the cooking lesson, as we believe that expanding children’s cooking knowledge and inspiring more meat-free meals is incredibly important.”

For more information on Cook School partnerships, contact Karen or Stu about Reg & Co brand partnerships.