Mayflower 400 Speaker Series headlined by Terry Waite

Humanitarian and Author, Terry Waite is set to headline the next Mayflower 400 Speaker Series Event in a partnership brokered by Reg&Co and sponsored by transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson.

The event, at Drake Yard – Naval Base in Plymouth on the 9th of October, will explore the key themes of the Mayflower 400 commemoration focusing on shared emotions of hope, faith and determination and the star speaker is Terry Waite, who became famous worldwide after being kidnapped in Beirut.

The event is one of a series of seven themed talks that will take place over a two year period commemorating the Mayflower’s 400th year anniversary and the importance of the transatlantic relationship between the UK and the US.

Terry spent 1760 days in captivity in Beirut and twenty years later he travelled back to meet his jihadist captors. His personal journey and recovery are a testament to the notion that hardship can often be a source of strength, and his experiences can be assimilated to those of the pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower some 400 years ago.

Craig Moore, Partner and Head of WBD’s Plymouth office is looking forward to the event: “We’re really pleased to support the Mayflower 400 initiative and to welcome Terry to this headline event in Plymouth. Terry’s experience is unique and it will be fascinating to hear him speak about how he survived his ordeal and indeed how he came to terms with the aftermath.”

In Terry’s talk, he will share a personal account of his ability to face the unknown, to build trust and the physical and mental capacity he had to exercise to deal with the hardships that he faced. Terry will also share his insights into the importance of staying mentally active in the face of death as well as share ways in which he was creative in situations where there was little or no support available. He believes that when forced to, human beings discover resources that enable them to cope in extreme situations.

In preparing for the event, Terry Waite said, “Over 400 years ago the Pilgrims set sail to find a new life for themselves in unknown territory. The personal qualities they required then are the same as those required today: courage, innovation and conviction. In remembering that voyage we can take inspiration from the fact that human beings have the capacity to adapt and change. History has much to teach us.”

This Mayflower 400 commemoration sits at the very heart of the special relationship between Britain and the US. The official programme in 2020 will comprise over 400 events that will span four Nations – Britain, US, Netherlands and Wampanoag – and is anticipated to yield a significant £440m impact on the business turnover across the UK Mayflower Compact destinations.

For more information, please contact: Karen Morris