Tube Station Rebrand sees Westminster Jungle

Working with Transport for London (TFL) in a deal involving Reg&Co and News UK’s in-house agency Pulse Creative, The Times & Sunday Times carried out a Tube Station rebrand, taking Westminster Station to Westminster Jungle as part of their #PoliticsTamed campaign.

Covering the interior and exterior of the station’s awning, the tube station rebrand involved the walls being covered in vines and an impactful creative portraying the UK Parliament as a zoo of animals that need bringing under control in order to understand the politics beneath.

The famous TFL roundels also underwent a jungle rebrand and the official station announcements on-brand with the campaign.

The rebranded public service announcements included warnings such as ‘The Westminster jungle can be slippery after torrential rainfalls” and party-political safety announcements were updated to add to the political theme such as ‘Mind the gap and always stand behind the yellow line. Toe the party line in the political jungle’.

Ticket barriers featured the lion and the unicorn characters – taken from the Times’ masthead and these were used to signify bringing order to the proceedings.

The multi-platform campaign will be rolled out online, in print and out of home in the coming weeks.

Lynne Fraser, Head of Brand and Campaigns at The Times and The Sunday Times was pleased with the update to the existing campaign: “This activity has taken our political animals out of the zoo and into the jungle: something that we feel represents the shift in the political landscape since we launched the campaign six months ago.

“Reflecting the mood of the nation in a refreshing way we want to reach out to audiences and reassure them that The Times and The Sunday Times are here to guide them through”.

Reg&Co is a long-standing agency partner of TFL and have worked with campaign brand-partners such as Universal TV’s Tube station rebrand. For more information, please contact Karen Morris.