Charity Support: Reg&Co Sleep Walks for Shelter

Walking from Farringdon station to the office each morning, a mere hundred metres, I pass someone who has slept rough the night before. It stirs an uncomfortable feeling that I would often rather ignore. But lately it’s not just on my walk to work, it’s in underground tunnels on the way back from the theatre, it’s on the way to the museum with my children, it’s in shop doorways, it’s on the tube… it’s everywhere in London. Reg&Co is known for our charity support, and we would like your help.

Nearly 9,000 people sleep rough on the streets of London each year. Last year there was an increase of 15% from the previous year which is more than double the amount in 2010. It’s a problem growing at a frightening speed.

Homeless people are no different from you or me. Homelessness is usually triggered when something awful happens and there’s nowhere to turn. Nearly 3 million working renters are just one paycheque away from losing their home. And it’s not just about living on the streets, there are 85,000 families living in temporary accommodation such as hostels or B&Bs.

With rising costs and the average rent eating up 41% of a household’s monthly income, there isn’t a way to save for that rainy day. Add to the mix mental or physical health problems, those escaping domestic violence, leaving the army or prison with nowhere to go. It’s a complex issue which isn’t going to be solved quickly.

It is something that Londoners are talking about each day in the office, each evening at home because we all know it could just as easily be us. So, we at Reg&Co have decided that this year we are going to do something to help. Instead of having our usual Christmas drinks we are going to Sleep Walk for Shelter, a charity supporting those in need of accommodation and help.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their face-to-face services, online advice, National helpline and legal services. And they campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.

Sleep Walk for Shelter is a 10-kilometre night walk through London where supporters will come together to brave the winter elements and make a stand against homelessness this Christmas.

Please click here to donate to help us take a stand against homelessness