How to Focus: Positive association with Hold App

How to focus: Hold app connecting with students

How to Focus: Positive association with Hold App

“How to focus?’ is one of the most searched for phrases not just at the start of each year but consistently on a daily basis. Hold, and app originating from Norway is an exciting project that could really make a difference in changing mobile phone behaviour. Hold is an app designed to help people put down their phones and focus on the things that matter.

By activating the Hold app, users are rewarded for every 20 minutes they spend off their phone with points. These points can then be redeemed for products within the Hold marketplace.

Focus is a massive challenge for people every day whether working, studying, or simply trying to tackle the never-ending to-do list. 50% of students feel they are addicted to their smartphones (CNN, 2016) – they are navigating one of the most distracting eras ever.

The Hold app has really taken off for students in Norway half of ALL students have been onboarded and the daily average user is Holding 4.5 hours a day.

Hold Improves Mental Health

Research by San Diego State University shows the correlation between phone addiction and mental health issues. Increased phone usage between 2010-2015 led to a 65% rise in depression and suicide rates (Walton, 2017). Hold helps to limit phone time, thereby helping to reduce these effects and address that question ‘how to focus?’.

Hold’s goal is to help boost people’s focus and help them to live more in the present; to make the hard work needed to achieve in life, more fun and rewarding along the way.

  • Research shows that 97% of university students are distracted by phones during class (McCoy, 2016)
  • We have seen a 62% increase in productivity and 30% increase in grades from putting away ones phone (Kuznekoff, 2013
  • 96% of users say that they feel less distracted in class when using Hold²
  • 63% of users say they remember more from class when using Hold²

If you would like to chat to one of us about how you can work with Hold please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Stuart Richmond on 07761666020

¹ LSE & University of Ohio
² Hold – user survey done in Norway at BI school of management

Stuart Richmond

Stuart has a wealth of experience working across rightsholders and agencies with some of the world’s biggest brands. At Chelsea FC, Stuart managed the Adidas, Audi and Samsung relationships, building global coaching programs to over 20 countries, as well as managing the 3 weeks, 1st team tour to Asia for club partners.

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