A little bit of tenacity and creativity go a long way…

Our normal way of working has completely changed over the past month but that doesn’t mean everything has to stop. Over the past 17 years, Reg&Co (previously brandmeetsbrand) has seen its fair share of bright and talented salespeople, who are now scattered across the industry. More so than ever, over the past few weeks, we have once again been delighted by the people we call colleagues and friends. Although we found ourselves like many, losing a proportion of our contracted business and facing the obvious challenge of the weeks ahead with a significant level of nervousness, I am so proud to say that since the 22nd of March we have signed a new client, and created 3 new partnerships. 


I cannot stress enough how proud we are of the team who work with us – people who we have asked to take pay cuts or agreed to be furloughed for the time being. Those remaining are at home with their children, managing to juggle shifts of work in the front room along with a number of other challenges. We have always prided ourselves on creativity and tenacity and now both of these skills are at the absolute forefront of what we are trying to do. Without them, sales don’t happen. It is about activity and creativity in the approaches you make and as an even leaner team, we are working hard to keep our business running so that when this is all behind us, we can learn from it to shape our business for the future.


Our News


The Financial Times

We are delighted to have been appointed by the FT to find a partner for their schools programme. Over 4,000 schools in the UK and overseas are currently subscribed for free access to FT content. The audience is primarily young adults and their tutors but it is a valuable resource and the game ‘Roads to Riches’ has been really well received by students and teachers alike. It is designed to boost financial literacy – an area that people identify as a key focus for young adults.


H&M and Readly Magazine subscription

A generous offer for all H&M members to receive three months free subscription to over 4,500 different magazine titles – in a time when people have more time on their hands.


H&M and Mindful Chef

A fantastic sign-up offer for one of the most inspiring food delivery boxes on the market today. Mindful Chef are a health-focused food box company set up by school friends Giles, Myles and Rob. Launched in 2015, they’ve shipped over 10,000,000 ingredients from incredible small farms across the UK and throughout the last month have seen significant growth in their business. H&M are delighted to be working with this B_corporation who are not only sustainable, ethical and charitable but are also such an important service to so many nationally at this time.


H&M and Cru Kafe

Another great introductory offer for members to test out Cru Kafe – CRU was born back in 2013 to only ever use organic, ethically sourced coffee. 7 years later, they’ve created a beautiful brand and a great community that fits perfectly into the H&M ethos and membership offers platform.


If you think we may be able to help you, we’d love to hear from you – drop an email to Stuart@regandco.com or Karen@regandco.com