Chatting with Clients – Oli Harris, Champion Horse Racing

Throughout Lockdown, our relationships with clients have been what has kept us going through what is likely to be one of the hardest times our industry has and might face. We have been chatting to our clients, friends, and people we respect in the industry to get their take on what has kept them going. how their business has worked it way through the challenge and what they think it will be like coming out the other side.

Today, we chatted with Oli Harris, CMO at Champion Horse Racing

Have a look what Oli had to say here

Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in Great Britain and, with a history dating back centuries, one of the longest established.

The sport generates over £3.7 billion for the British economy, and the major horse racing events such as Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival are important dates in the British and International sporting calendar.

And yet, despite racing’s global appeal, sponsorship participation is not at the same level as in other sports.

Which is where we come in.

The Racing League will lead to an evolution in horse racing. We will distance this incredible sport from the public perception that it’s a complicated, elitist recreation inextricably linked to gambling. We will provide a simple, accessible format that’s gripping, thrilling and unmissable.

We will let betting take a back seat and incorporate innovative technology and data which will enhance the experience and provide opportunities to interact with fans. We will present horse racing to an entirely new global audience and re-affirm its status as the high profile, much-loved sport it has always been.