Photo London 2020

2020 has been fraught with challenges in all shapes and sizes. Events and the arts have been hit hardest, and talented individuals behind the scenes have been working hard to ensure the importance of art in all forms shines through the darkness.

Art has been used for centuries to share our stories, entertain, distract from the mundane every day and inspire. Most of all, art, music, performance, comedy, dance, theatre, film and photography has been integral for developing understanding and ensuring humans stay connected from all walks of life.

Since March, Photo London has been sharing content online and through social media, opening the world of photography up to those who may not have had access before. Photo London have taken their diverse range of content and created a series of talks and workshops accessible to everyone.

Photo London Digital is now open. The prestigious event moves online for the first time ever to showcase works from 109 exhibitors from 21 countries. There is something for everyone with historic photography being showcased side by side with emerging talent from the latest contemporary photography talents in the Discovery section. 

Coming up are a whole host of free talks and workshops making photography accessible to everyone from budding young photographers with the Sharp Shots Workshop, Food Photography with Nikon & Donna Crous and a virtual tour ‘Among The Trees’ at The Hayward Gallery, plus daily Instagram lives @photolondonfair.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Photo London May 2021, or the Photo London special edition magazine, published with the FT, please get in touch with Melissa –


Our photography top picks so far:


J D Williamson is a London based Anaesthetic Doctor who has documented his personal journey of working in a hospital during the pandemic. To keep everything hygienic, all images were shot handheld on a Nikon Z6 camera. His powerful photographs capture the whole spectrum of emotions from patients, colleagues and friends on the hospital ward.


Alba’hian in Agni language, means the first light of the day, the dawn. Every morning, Joana wakes up at 5am and goes for a walk, getting in contact with the land around her, observing the landscapes, the shapes of the buildings or the objects slowly revealing themselves, the streets and it’s people awakening, starting a new day at the sound of joyful and noisy birds.  Her beautiful work reflects the changes in the light and people around her.


BASTIAN presents works by renowned photographers and visual artists André Villers, Wim Wenders, Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly. Works displayed include Warhol’s intimate portrayal of New York in the 1970s and 80s with some photographs of some very familiar faces.