Reg&Co. launch partnership search for Somerset House’s Eternally Yours exhibition

This summer the residents of Somerset House (SH) are coming together to create an exhibition to address the current issues around sustainability and climate change, and we are delighted to be working with SH to bring in partners for this cutting-edge display.

Home to one of the UK’s largest creative communities, SH hosts over 500 artists from 100 organisations and is committed to be a cultural leader on environmental sustainability.

The Eternally Yours Exhibition takes place from June 16 – September 11, 2022

Examples of how brands can be involved with Eternally Yours are:

Repair Fair – create a marketplace for repaired and mended goods

The Chop Shop – invite the public to bring in their old or broken items to be given a new lease of life

Re:Fashion – curate an exhibition of completely upcycled garments and objects to be showcased at an Eternally Yours late event

The Freecycle – create a content series showing how we can all upcycle, from our own homes

Karen Morris commented,

“Not many know that Somerset House is home to a community of artists, makers, creative enterprises and start-ups. Eternally Yours will feature an inspiring exhibition and include workshops and live demonstrations, allowing partners to be part of a real-life experience that addresses our most urgent sustainability issue – waste.

We are looking forward to engaging with any potential partner on this exciting project.”

For more information on Eternally Yours please contact