Highlighting National Apprenticeship Week 2022, with our client Volunteer It Yourself

Having visited The Dublin Castle, Camden project with our client VIY (Volunteer It Yourself) last week (part-funded by Allianz Musical Insurance, thank you),  we are inspired by our plans with the VIY team this year and looking forward to the huge number of community projects and young people that will benefit from their work. 

The projects involve the whole community from a cohort of young people and mentors who volunteer to refurbish their local facilities, community centres, sports clubs and music venues. The volunteers will learn and receive skills and City & Guilds qualifications and the wider community will benefit from their improved or new facilities. 

For many young people, the experience is life-changing, and by celebrating and highlighting National Apprenticeship Week 2022 this week we sincerely hope this year’s young volunteers will go on to find an apprenticeship. 

Tim Reading CEO & co-founder VIY added: 
“Reg & Co’s approach really works for VIY, as it’s about building sustainable partnerships on our behalf that benefit us in other ways beyond solely generating new funding. In doing so, they equally look to understand how brands and businesses can benefit from partnering with us to make sure there’s a powerful two-way value exchange that underpins our relationship with new partners. They have also opened us up to new sectors and channels of support that are complementary to, and leverage, our existing partners and markets.”

If you’d like to find out more, offer placements, or support VIY, please get in touch.

We are really proud of the partnerships and in awe of what Tim and his team have achieved over the last 10 years..