Sponsorship Consultants generating sponsorship revenue through a strategic sales process and tailored brand partnership proposals.


We analyse the event or programme, the key elements involved such as the audience, demographic profile, the reach and any relevant statistics to understand in detail the sponsorship proposition for a brand partner.

Asset Valuation

We then look at the ‘value’ of the sponsorship assets (elements that can be included in a sponsorship agreement such as tickets, branding, marketing, access etc) on a line by line basis, using an equivalent market rate to give a rudimentary base-line value to the sponsorship package.


With our extensive experience in sponsorship we then sense check these sponsorship asset values against comparable opportunities, other sponsored events or brand partnerships and what brand sponsors have paid to give a realistic ‘market’ value.

Proposition Building

With the information we have gathered we work with you to build a proposition for sponsorship outlining the core offer and most valuable assets explaining how a sponsor can engage and what their return on investment or objectives might be.

Prospect List

Through experience and long standing contactsat brands and within the sponsorship industry, we will build a prospect list to approach with research into sectors and individual brands to accompany any sponsorship approach on your behalf.


We will make approaches and build a sales report of progress and endeavour to find brands interested in partnering, sponsoring, and investing or funding.