Sponsorship and partnership agency Reg&Co are working with the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) to find match funding to help displaced Ukrainian refugees across Europe.

The IAHV is specialised in supporting mental health and psychological wellbeing of refugees and displaced people.

The IAHV are currently running programmes in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and online for over 13,500 displaced people from Ukraine including 4,000 children aged between 7-18 years old.

The programmes that Reg&Co are helping find funding for significantly reduce the symptoms of PTS, depression and anxiety and help displaced people to overcome the past, cope with the present and plan for the future.

An example programme is the Healing, Resilience and Empowerment (HRE) workshop: a low threshold workshop to address psycho-social consequences of conflict and violence, releasing acute and basic stress and fears, improving sleep and providing relief.

The HRE workshop is a basic IAHV intervention program that can reach a large number of individuals while still effecting strong personal benefits.

Dr. Katrien Hertog, Director Peacebuilding Programs, IAHV commented:

“We require funds to provide much-needed relief efforts for Ukrainians. The war has affected the whole society. It is now said that each Ukrainian knows someone who has died in the war. Ukrainians had to flee or defend their country, got separated from their family, lost loved ones, their cities and properties were bombed, they have difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious, exhausted or in a constant state of alertness. These huge mental health needs are on a scale bigger than even any well-functioning healthcare system in peace time could optimally address.

Therefore, we need to deploy evidence-based, self-empowering, cost-effective and accessible tools for Ukrainians to restore and manage their own mental and emotional wellbeing. This is also crucial to strengthen a healthy psychosocial foundation for social, political and economic reconstruction and development of Ukraine.

We are working closely with Karen and her team at Reg&Co to unearth sponsors and donors from the UK to help provide much needed funds that we can match to support Ukrainians in desperate need of improved mental and physical wellbeing.”

Karen Morris, CEO at Reg&Co added:

“It has been eighteen months since Russia invaded Ukraine and whilst the devastating war continues to displace thousands of people and take the lives of many Ukrainians, here in the UK the war is no longer newsworthy with reports no longer making the front pages. Urgent funds are required and we are looking for partners to support Dr. Hertog and her team at the IAHV.

There is the continued need for funds to help those who have been displaced with the IAHV’s stress-reduction programmes which help reduce PTSD, major clinical depression, and generalised anxiety disorder.”



For further information on the partnership please contact: Karen Morris Karen@regandco.com



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