Pho’s brand partnership teaches kids about Vietnamese street food

Pho’s brand partnership with Cook School is bringing all of the expertise and knowledge from the family-run restaurant chain and using it to teach schools about Vietnamese street food, nutrition, and the value of home-cooked food to your diet and general wellbeing.

Cook School is a Social Enterprise teaching kids the skills they need to eat healthily for life. They are also keen to introduce children and adults alike to the foods of new cultures and countries. After all, variety is the spice of life!

With support from the Reg & Co Sponsorship Agency, they’ve teamed up with Pho whose restaurants produce fabulous, fresh Vietnamese street food. As well as being super tasty, Vietnamese food has loads of fantastic vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, making it suitable for nearly everyone and a great way to learn about how different dietary requirements don’t need to limit your food palette in terms of nutrition and flavour.

From zingy Goi Cuon (rice paper summer rolls filled with herbs and vermicelli) to steaming bowls of Pho Ga (chicken breast in an aromatic broth with noodles), there are plenty of delicious dishes for the children to discover. And now, Cook School students across the UK will learn how to make veggie Goi Cuon, thanks to Pho’s brand partnership.

Their staff will join Cook School as they work with schools across the UK to help teach children how to make this classic Vietnamese dish. Cook School have already held an incredibly popular class in Balham, London where 11 Pho experts – including the restaurants’ head chef – helped Cook School teach 300 children how to make Vietnamese summer rolls.

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